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JAPAN POST x Shinichi Hara

His works were selected for Premium New Year’s card by JAPAN POST.


Takashimaya x Shinichi Hara

2015, His works were selected for the main visual of summer and year-end gifts at Takashimaya.

Shopwindow at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya

Bon festival gift poster

Year-end gift poster

Front of the Nihonbashi Takashimaya

Saidai-ji Temple x Shinichi Hara

"The eternal history of the ancient city and the light of innovation"

Two great temples, Saidaiji in the west, Todaiji in the east and Nara. His work was exhibited at Koshoden in Saidaiji Temple, which has a history of 764 years.

Kiyoyuki Okuyama x Shinichi Hara


2006, first in the world, humanoid bipedal walking robot “NUVO”. The artworks developed in collaboration with Kiyoyuki Okuyama (chief designer of Ferrari)

ZMP x Shinichi Hara

2007, designed autonomy movement music player. It was gifted to state guests bythe Prime Minister. ROBOT AWARD 2007 (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

The 12nd Technical Innovations Award (The Robotics Society of Japan)

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. x ZMP x TOYOTA PRIUS x Shinichi Hara

2012, Painted on Toyota Prius. A cloud robot car that has no steering wheel and can be driven by a smartphone. 50,000 Internet connectors were attached to the car.

TOKYO POP | Japanese Contemporary Artist

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